Friday, May 28, 2010

GORKHA : The true story

Gorkha is a fictitious identity. There is no community in the world named Gorkha. It was the creation of the GNLF chief Subash Ghoshing. It is a cheating of Ghishingh for his personal political profit. It is cheating with the constition of India in connivance with former union home minister Buta Singh and former member of parliment Inderjit Khuller. As a journalist while I was posted to Darjeeling I was symphatetic to the movement of hill people. I was very close to Subash Ghishingh as well as all of his close political associates. When ghishing started his new phase of GNLF movement for separate state he was a strong supporter of Nepali language and Nepali culture. In several occassions I have heard that he is telling Gorkha means merceneries and slaves. Why we will be Gorkhali or Gorkha or Gurkha we are Indian Nepalis. That ghishingh suddenly announced we are Gorkhas and we have got the Gorkha identity. See the gazette notification. When I asked how you have managed this, means recognition of Gorkha as a community. Ghishing replied its a political matter you will not understand. From that very day I have started my search in regard to Gorkha. Ultimately I found that Gorkha is a fictitious community. With my research details I am first person in the world who ventilates Gorkha is fictitious community. I wrote a full page article in Bengali in Uttarbanga Sambad (Bengali daily) on 24 August 2008 and a separate full page article on the same subject in Aajkaal (daily newspaper) on 7 september 2008. So far my knowledge goes the article which was published in Uttarbanga Sambad that was subsequently translated and published in Nepali daily Himalaya Darpan from Silguri. There was not a single protest from any corner of the Darjeeling Hills. I know the reasons. Later on I will place all the details. In the meantime I want to mention that the article which was written in Bengali later on the Hindi translation of the same published as a book in ithe name No Gorkha No Land. Now I am going to publish a book in the name Gorkha Means Slaves.

Tushar Pradhan alias Manoj Routh is a veteran journalist. Attached to : Aajkaal,Uttarbanga Sambad,Dainik Yugashankha from Guwahati and Sambad daily from Burdwan.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


We are here to tell the world about BANGLAR PAKSHE. We like to unmask the false claim of GORKHA as a separate community or race. Nepalis are residents of Nepal and they should be identified as Nepalese. Migrants and refugees should never be treated as Indians as a community named GORKHA because there is no evidence in the world to prove the existence of GORKHA community.