Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Nepalese in India under Gorkha Borkha

You will find world famous Gorkha Beer in Nepal. You will find Gorkha Airlines. You will find several Gorkha named hotels. You can go to Gorkha Town , the district head quarter of Gorkha District. This district is one of the 75 districts in Nepal. But you will never find Gorkha community or race in Nepal or any other parts of India. Yes I had been to Gorkha Town. Its a fantastic journey. Today I will place here one document which was placed before Indian Parliament by Smt Dilkumari Bhandari in the year 1992 during the debate for the inclusion of Nepali language under Eighth Schedule. Dilkumari, the then MP from Sikkim submitted her humble submission this way: I would like to quote from one document released in 1973 by Subash Ghishingh, I do not whether I am allowed to take his name or not. But I will read from his own document. I quote - "Jhoota jati gorkhali prati nilojhanda party ka general secretary subash ghishingh ka ghor birodh. ( the meaning of the sentence is as general secretary of nilojhanda I Sri Ghishingh is totally against fictitious Gokhali identiy) then Dilkumari starts - Ghishing again said: Hami gorkhali hoi no (meaning is we are not gorkhas). Then Ghishing says - Hami Nepali (we are nepalis). Then Ghishing says - We are Nepalis and can preserve our language and culture by reamaining Nepali.
After Ghishing's quote and unquote I will place one more piece from Parliament document. The then MP of Darjeeling Mr. Inderjit Khuller on record saying on 20.4.1992 during the debate on Nepali language "The West Bengal Government objected to including the 'Gorkha' word in the name of Hill Council. Eventually, Shri Buta Singh, the then Home Minister, and I as privileged to play the role of a mediator in thorny and highly emotive dispute, were able to persuade both the the then Prime minister, Rajiv Gandhi, and the West Bengal Chief minister Jyoti Basu, to accede to the GNLF party's demand and give the proposed Council name Darjeeling Gorkha Hill Council . While submitting this two pieces of Parliament documents I must acknowledge my fellow researcher Mr Dipak De of Kolkata who is regularly submitting his valuable findings to the amnesty international in regard to the artificial and fictitious identity. Mr. Dipak De is a human rights activist and a M Phil in human rights. He is studying the Gorkha, the cheating to the indian constitution issue from last year (means 2009). He has already submitted more than hundred pages. - Tushar Pradhan.

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  1. Gorkhaland will become next state of India and your kind of RACIAL people will never stop the process. We will surely invite you to newly created state and feel the FREEDOM of Gorkhas from the HATE AnD NEGLIGENCE of BENGOLESE.