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To Date: 9th. August, 2010
The Prime Minister of India,
New Delhi.

The Union Home Minister,
New Delhi.

The Chief Minister of West Bengal & All the States.

Mr. Manohar Tirkey, M.P (RSP)

Governor of West Bengal

Dear Sir,
Re : Gorkhaland Movement (Stop Parleys) Immediately.

As a grass-root level journalist I am watching the "Gorkhaland"
movement since 1986. I would like to draw your kind attention on the
following points.
1. When it is clear that there is no community/ race/ ethnicity in the
name of GORKHA in the existing world then how our Govt. is considering
the demand of so called GORKHALAND AGITATORS and why the political
parleys with GORKHA PARTIES.
2. GORKHA is a district of NEPAL and GORKHA TOWN" is the Head Quarter
of the Gorkha District. How a "GORKHA" named the GORKHA District. How
a "GORKHA" named movement / Anarchy/ Chaos can be tolerated in India!
3. Ancient time there was a kingdom named "GORKHA" in Nepal and the
old palace is still there, just adjacent to GORKHA TOWN. The then King
of GORKHA kingdom Prithwinarayan Shah is the founder of today's
greater Nepal by conquering several small & medium sized kingdoms of
that time. If Nepalese are interested to remember that lion hearted
king, they can easily change the name of their country by putting
'GORKHALAND" in place of Nepal. A part of nepali speaking people in
India, those who are identifying themselves as "GORKHA", such section
of people may easily go there as because the treaty of 1950
(INDO-NEPAL RRIENDSHIP TREATY) allows both the Indians & Nepalese same
right of emigration. You will find from the history that members of
the GORKHA regiments fought against India in the several occasions.
Even Rabindranath Tagore condemned such type of aggression by calling
them butchers. You will find a piece of speech which is delivered by
"GORKHA" leader, Mr. Damber Singh Gurung in the CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY
on 19th. December 1946. I am quoting a portion of that speech where
Mr. Damber Singh Gurung telling : " Sir, the problem of the Gurkhas
is quite different …… . Though we are made to do the dirtiest work in
India for which we have been called Butchers by Indians, though
hundreds of thousands of GORKHA lives were sacrificed to keep the
British Rule in India and elsewhere, nothing has been done by the
British Govt. so far the uplift of the GURKHAS"

From every corner it is established that regimented GURKHA / GORKHA
means SLAVES. And till date a section of the Nepalese are doing the
same slavery as soldier, security personnel, in the various part of
the world. When 'GORKHA" is foreign place and it is implied that
GURKHA/GORKHA means slaves, then how a Govt. can allow such movement a
demand in the name of GORKHA.
4. While 'GORKHA' is not a Community/ Race / Ethnicity etc. and there
is no anthropological history of Gorkha at all, then GORKHALAND
movement is not an issue at all.
5. When "GORKHA" is a landmark identity of Nepal and having a district
in the name, then how one can demand "GORKHALAND" in India!
6. It is fact that Britishers recruited youths from Nepal's Gorkha
area in their army as slaves and hence the regiment of those slaves
named 'GORKHA' (GURKHA). But it does not mean that the GORKHA is the
community or the race or the ethnicity. It is clear that Britishers
uses the "GORKHA/ GURKHA" term as the identity the nepali speaking
Khukri fighters (soldiers).
7. While it is proved that 'GORKHA" is not a community/ race/
ethnicity and "GORKHA" is a fictitious identity, then Govt. is duty
bound to cancel the Gazette Notification, dated 23.08.1988 in regard
to GORKHA citizenship. In this context I would like to mention that,
the notification which was published by Indira Mishra, the then Joint
Secretary to the Govt.of India was unconstitutional. No one of our
country has that right to issue the birth certificate for a community
through that procedure. The 'GORKHA" named community which was
fathered by Mr. Subhas Ghisingh (President of GNLF) and pushed to it
as Gazette Notification by Mr. Buta Singh, the then Union Home
Minister with the connivance of the then Darjeeling M.P Mr. Inderjit
Khuller. Mr. Bhuta & and Mr. Inderjit, both the Punjabis have made
this criminal offence by making the safe unconstitutional passage of
fictitious "GORKHA" community. My humble submission is, it is the duty
of our judiciary as well as all the peoples' representatives to check
how the things like "Gorkha" citizenship notification can be made and
why not the culprits will be booked for this anti-national offence.
8. While GORKHA is not a Community/ Caste / Ethnicity then how there
will be political parties like GORKHA JANAMUKTI MORCHA, GORKHA
is a fictitious identity, then how you, the Government making
Political Parleys with the "GORKHA" named parties and negotiating the
so called GORKHALAND demand. In this context I would like to apprise
you that in the Darjeeling Hills you will find no national political
parties, as because Darjeeling is a lawless land now, and creating
terror is the routine work of GORKHA JANAMUKTI MORCHA led by its
Preesident Mr. Bimal Gurung. Those parties are still having their
activities in the Darjeeling Hills, they may be different in their
names, but political demands are same. All are in favour of a separate
statehood which called "GORKHALAND".
9. You will be astonished to know that the GORKHALAND demand is a long
dreamed conspiracy in the name of Nepali Speaking people's sentiment.
Actually the so called "GORKHA" leaders want "GORKHALAND" as separate
country by creating anarchy with the help of illegally settled
foreigners. To achieve their target, the leaders as well as the
conspirators are trying to make their roads for that ultimate
destination. The target is ethnic cleansing of Bengali Community and
the various Tribal Groups. Please go through these points and you will
find the answer.

No one can deny that everyday a large number of Nepalese (Citizen of
Nepal) are coming to India through various open borders. As because
there is no passport or Visa system and INDO-NEPAL border remains
open, taking the undue advantage of INDO-NEPAL FRIENDSHIP TREATY,1950
the emigrated Nepalese are settling in India by managing the
citizenship through Ration Card/ EPIC Card/ enlisting as voter and
even enjoying the APL/ BPL status. You please go through Census Report
and you will find that, in 1951 there were 88,958 Nepali speaking
Indian populations in the Darjeeling District whereas in 1961 the
population of Nepali speaking people in the District jumped to
3,69,130. The growth rate was 314.95%. Further in 1971, the population
(i.e. Nepali speaker's population) jumped to 4,46,446. In 1981, it was
5,40,444, in 1991 it was 6,37,874 and in 2001, it was 7,78,528. You
will find more than 775% population growth of Nepali speakers took
place within 50 years in Darjeeling Constituency only. And when you
will get the 2011 Census figure that will show you the Nepali speaking
population of the district to be more than 14.00 lacs. Out of 14.00
lacs there will be a minimum of 10 to 11 lacs of those who are from
Nepal taking the advantage of 1950's friendship treaty. If you wish to
add the figure of Nepalese entered in the DOOARS and other parts of
West Bengal, then the number of Nepalese who settled as Indian will be
about 15.00 lacs. So, unless you are identifying these Non-Indian
Nepalese you can not sit with Nepali speaking leaders as because you
do not know the person you are talking whether they are
Nepali-speaking persons of Indian Citizen or are Citizen of Nepal. For
your ready reference I would like to submit below the quotation from
"By 1991 Nepali census, the number of emigrants from Nepal had been
6,58,337 of which 89.2% i.e. 5,87,236 persons had gone to India.
Within the period from 1991-2001 the number of emigrants from Nepal
had been 7,62,181 and nearly 68% of them i.e. 5,18,283 persons
migrated to India".

The emigrants of Nepal in many areas of North Bengal have already
out-numbered the local population leading to ethnic tensions and
sometimes violence. Take just the instance for verification, please go
to TOTOPARA of Jalpaiguri District while the land of the TOTOPARA is
exclusively enmarked for the primitive TOTO tribe. You will see there
half of the land is occupied by the Nepali people and it's unfortunate
to hear that TOTO tribes are speaking Nepali! Both central Govt. and
State Govt. of West Bengal are aware of the fact that in December 2009
one NGO named "Janachetana" has filed Public Interest Litigation in
the KOLKATA HIGH COURT, where the petition raised questions regarding
the citizenship status of "Treaty Benficiery Napali Nationals in India
and prayed for directions from the Hon'ble Court to the respondents so
as to prevent flagrant violation of the Art. 326 of the Constitution,
Representation of Peoples Act and Foreigners' Act etc. Except Election
Commission, all the other respondents failed to submit their affidavit
in opposition and remained conspicuously silent over the issue. It is
also heard that "Janachetna" has already moved one more petition
praying for an interim order restraining the respondents from holding
the tripartite meetings with any of the outfits claiming to be the
representatives of the Nepalese whose citizenship status are disputed,
debatable and yet to be ascertained according to the Constitution of
India., Citizenship Act, the Foreigners' Act, the relevant Treaties
and the Central Govt.'s Gazette Notification dated 23rd. August 1988-
till the final disposal of the pending Writ petition by the Hon'ble
High Court. Sir, I am in constraint to say that this sort of disregard
and defiance to the judicial process from the Govt. Administration
will only make people loose their confidence on the system of
judiciary in the country.

Sir, I am not going to mention here the activities of Mr. Buta Singh
who acted as against Mr. Subhas Ghisingh in the earlier days. I would
like to just intimate you that this is not the way to purchase peace
in the Darjeeling Hill by giving them interim set up (autonomous)
which straightly speaks SEPARATE STATE, will be the final one.

Sir, I know that I will not get any answer of this letter , but please
keep it in mind that I will fight tooth & nail against all the odds
he, who may be the political players. I am bound to do so as a true
citizen of this country. Sir, while you are wrongly ready to give a
council, please delete the 'GORKHA" word from DARJEELING HILL COUNCIL.
And for your information, please note that late Rajiv Gandhi and late
Jyoti Basu both were dead-against of inclusion of "GORKHA" word as
because they never heard "GORKHA", the community which was fathered by
"messiah" Subhas Ghisingh.

You see GORKHALAND movement is in no way similar to any other movement
of separate State anywhere in India. In the context of GORKHALAND you
can clearly identify that it is the dacoity, Luliganism, Gundaism of
two sections of people of a simple linguistic Community. One section
is beneficiaries of Indo-Nepal friendship treaty and the other section
is a portion of true Indian Nepali Speaking citizen.

Sir, please remember the Sikkim, the State which having its first
language being Nepali has made a strict barrier to the entry of
Nepalese Beneficiaries , while Behar, West Bengal and U.P. are still
giving the open border and free entry.

Sir, while you have accommodated Nepali language in the Eighth
Schedule, how you can recognize "GORKHA"? Who are they?

With regards.

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